Friday, January 8, 2010

Rajni’s Top Ten Organizing Tips for 2010

Here are some tips to help you get your year off to a good start!

1. SIMPLIFY- The less complicated your life, the easier it will be to manage.

2. THINK BEFORE YOU BUY - Think twice before impulse shopping. As we live in a consumerist economy we have developed a habit for shopping. Many times we purchase items that we already have and do not need creating more clutter. Before you buy, make sure the item will serve your life.

3. RE: JUNK MAIL - When ordering products (online, by phone or by a catalog) ask the customer service rep to please not add you to any list. And if you get on one, call immediately to have them take you off. This is the same idea for donations, you can let them know you make your donations on-line and prefer not to get mailings. Think of all the trees that we can save if we all did this!

4. KEEP LIKE ITEMS TOGETHER – Use a system that makes sense to you. Store items together that are used for similar purposes, it will be easier to find later.

5. CONSISTENCY – Once that system above is created, form the habit of consistently using it. Duplication and consistency is an important key to staying organized.

6. REUSABLE CONTAINERS – Small cardboard boxes that you receive a product in can make a great container to hold other items for organizing. Use a large marker or printed label to record what is inside. This is a great way to store items in a closet that may need to be found later.

7. REGULAR PURGING – Make a habit of going through your home to do regular purging. I like to do this seasonally (fall and spring) but can be done anytime. Schedule times in your day timer to go through your closets and purge, purge, purge. There are many places to donate items you don’t use & therefore don’t need. When we let go of items stagnating we create more space, time and energy.

8. PLAN AHEAD – Use a calendar. Either online or a day timer/planner book. Then of course you must review it! I often look at my planner before I go to bed to see what the next day has in store for me. With this practice I am prepared for the following day without forgetting things.

9. FOCUS - Finish projects before starting new ones. We all have little annoying things we put off because they are our least favorite. These usually end up being those things that sit in our to do box or folder endlessly. If we really want the piles to go away we need to create a little time in our day or week, to accomplish even the miniscule tasks. And if you really can’t bring yourself to do it, ask for help.

10. ASK FOR HELP - Last and certainly not least, when you get overwhelmed ask for help. You can make it a family fun day or if you cannot recruit the family, you can always call a professional. Sometime it takes a friendly helper to get us going.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like any more details about any of the above tips or want to schedule an appointment. I offer a FREE 30 minute phone consultation to any new clients. For current clients, I offer 1 hr of my time for any new referrals.

~Blessings for your 2010, may we manifest our visions and create love and peace!~

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Moving Gracefully from Summer into Fall

When that first cold day arrived and the nights started to become longer, I felt my initial resistance to move inward. After all, the summer was so lovely... camping and playing outdoors, attending many social gatherings and concerts, ah... life is such a blessing. However, now that I've accepted that summer is behind us, I realize the opportunity that exists when we come back home to our caves to review, revise and reVITALize our visions.

One way to prepare for this potent time is to clean out & clear our indoor space in preparation to spend more time at home. Spring is not the only time to do a household purge. Fall is also a perfect time to go through your home, room by room and begin the purging process. I believe and have experienced when we clear out or even make any change in our personal environment, this action produces an energetic shift that can allow for healing and growth to occur. It also creates room for new energies to come in.

So here are a few tips you can use to get things moving. What I usually advise my clients to do is to take it slow. Plan to have a week or two for this process, then choose one room per evening or per week to go through. Don't block yourself from doing anything by feeling like you have to do everything. That is what keeps you in the procrastination mode. Even if you only do one little thing, congratulate yourself for the progress you have made instead of beating yourself up for what you haven't accomplished. After all, we will never get it done. It is the journey along the way that is the gift.

And If these projects feel too overwhelming to you, hire a professional. It's always easier to do these type of projects when you have a helping hand to get you going. Beginning in October I will be more available to help you, so feel free to give me a call.

Blessings on your journey~

In the Kitchen; Go through your cabinets and remove canned & boxed food that hasn't been used in several months. Donate these items to a local food bank. Extra garden goodies can also be donated.

In the Living Room; Go through your bookshelf and remove previously read books and donate them to your local library or school.

In the Bathroom; Go through your cabinets and get rid of unused medicines that are out of date. Boulder Community hospital, Foothills Campus at 4747 Arapahoe is having a collection day this Saturday, September 26th from 8:00am-2:00pm where you can drop off unwanted medicines. You can also donate travel size shampoo's & soaps to the Boulder Homeless Shelter.

In the Bedroom; Go through your closets and take out clothes that haven't been worn. There are several used clothing stores and charities such as ARES or Salvation Army to drop off unused clothes. Consider bringing your warm coats, hats and mittens to the homeless shelter for the upcoming winter.

Here are a few resources in our community that will accept your donations:

Community Food Share: 303-652-3663

Boulder Homeless Shelter: 303-442-4646

Conscious Alliance: 720-406-7871

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What's New in 2009

The biggest news thus far is my name change! Many of you still know me as Caryn Lerman and i have not changed it legally. So you may see both used, however i prefer to be called Rajni. If you forget I understand, as I know that it sometimes takes a while to change an old pattern. Luckily, with consciousness and focused attention, we can make the changes in our lives that we are seeking. This seems to be what 2009 is all about.... CONSCIOUSNESS AND CHANGE :)

On the first day of this year, spirit guided me to start using this spiritual name given to me in 1997 by Shri Muniraj at the Haidakhandi Universal Ashram in Crestone, CO. Rajni means "bringing light into the darkness". This year has come in with great lightness, expansion and growth in my being. I feel that i am more fully integrating my personal, spiritual and professional lives into the whole being i am becoming.

I am fully committed to being the best human i can....with compassion bringing the light of truth to myself and others. By example I hope to inspire all that I meet to; smile, dance, let go of fears, live your dreams, speak your truth, share your love, express your creativity, live in harmony with nature, create peace.

One way that i intend to do this is to do my 'work in the world', which at this time feels like helping others manifest their beautiful visions. Through my grounded nature, my strong organizational skills, and many years of business experience, I have chosen two projects in 2009 that i strongly believe in to invest my time in. Both of these visions are actually already manifested here in Boulder, however, I intend to help them grow and expand, as i am doing.

One of these creative visions is called Spandarupa. My friend Ixeeya weaves her wonderful dance, yoga & ritual skills together to offer ceremonial dance journeys, workshops and classes as well as a monthly women's group. You can learn more about these programs at:

The other vision is called: Heart Quest Rites of Passage. My son and I participated in this arts and ritual based Rites of Passage program for teens and their families last summer. This was a very powerful and profound experience for me. You can learn more about this program at:

Lastly, I want to share another exciting development for me this new year. I have been focusing on greater health and wellness in my life. Now that I am back in Boulder and not spending an hour plus a day commuting, I have more time for daily exercise. Waking up and walking along the foothills from my new home is just one of the benefits to my health. Another is taking a Liquid Whole Food Nutritional supplement called Body Balance. Developed and sold through Life Force International, this nine sea vegetable and Aloe Vera based product not only has strengthen my immune system so that I no longer am getting sick, but it is giving me the sustained energy to do all these extra things on top of my regular job as office manager of Ecofutures Building, Inc.

To learn more about:
The products go to:
The business opportunity go to:

If you have questions or want any more information about any of the above programs, products or my Professional Organizing Services, please call 303-564-0787 or email me at: